Bollard Systems

Why Bollard Systems are Needed

If you have a loading dock, it’s very important to have safety bollards and loading dock safety barriers to protect your building when trucks back into the loading docks to load or unload products.

Bollard systems or dock barricades serve as an important safety barrier to prevent damage from a truck or forklift.  They also are important for the driver of the truck. Bollard systems give the driver awareness of the width of the dock opening. This visual marker makes it much easier to align the truck bed opening to the dock opening.

In addition to the safety aspect of bollards, they’re also a good choice to guard the dock opening from being rammed by vehicles. Many times this is the method that thieves use while trying to steal from the warehouse. These bollards can easily be removed during regular operating hours.

bollard systems

Dock Barricades Protect Facilities and Employees

Loading docks can be dangerous to the building and dock as well as the people working on the loading dock. Safety bollards, and dock locks are a great option for the safety and security of your facility, dock workers, truck drivers, and employees. With safety bollards installed by Gem Dock & Door, you can be assured that they will protect your building from any damage and any workers from injury.

Bollards are a critical part of the guarding devices for loading docks. In addition to stops, guard rails, and other dock barricades, bollards that are properly working will safeguard your building and people. The highly knowledgeable experts at Gem Dock & Door have more than thirty years of experience installing and repairing high speed performance door system components like safety bollards. We know how important this is for your business and will do our part to ensure that your dock operations run efficiently with a newly installed or repaired safety bollard.

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Contact GEM For Bollard System Repairs or Installation 

Gem Dock & Door, based in Bensenville, Illinois, is an experienced dock and door company with an excellent record of quality workmanship and first class customer service. Known for fast, reliable service and affordable prices, call the experienced team at Gem Dock & Door if you need a repair or an installation of a bollard system for your loading docks.

While a repair may work in some cases, installations may be required in many instances. At Gem Dock and Door, we have a full range of flexible, durable, and reliable high impact bollards. Our trained technicians, with years of experience in dock barricades, will install all of the equipment protection products for your loading dock.

Contact us today to learn more about why so many loading dock companies have chosen us to be their trusted partner.