Dock Door Seals and Shelters

Dock door seals and shelters play a very critical role in the daily operations of docks in a variety of ways. These products provide a greater sense of employee comfort, a safer work environment and energy conservation year round. Dock door seals and shelters offer protection for not only the dock itself, but also to valuable cargo that is being moved in and out of truck trailers all day long. Sometimes maintenance maybe required, or you might need dock seal replacement or shelter repair.

Dock Door Seals

Loading Dock Seals Create Safety and Efficiency

Loading docks that are unsealed allow a massive amount of airflow to circulate into a building. Whether it be summer or winter season, it is always a good idea to prevent outside air from blowing into the interior of a dock area.

Competing air temperatures from both the outside and inside of a dock area will cause condensation to form, which can be a slip hazard for workers. In addition, energy costs are adversely affected by exposed dock facilities, as HVAC systems are forced to work harder than they normally would.  

Often due to extreme use or the heavy weight that truck trailers exert on them, dock door seals and shelters can become worn over time. In addition, worn dock door seals and shelters can hinder the free movement of forklifts by protruding into the trailer. This occurrence can greatly increase the time required for a crew to load or unload a truck. It could be time for us to do a dock seal replacement job. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Dock Shelter Repair Estimate Request

Dock Seal Replacement and Shelter Repair

Gem Dock & Door specializes in dock shelter repair and dock seal replacement. Our services cover all types of dock door seals and shelters, regardless of size or configuration. Should you need to replace your dock’s seals or shelters, we carry the top product brands and can get your dock fully operational again in no time.

We know that all docks have unique characteristics, so we take the time to carefully measure everything to ensure a perfect fit. Our products come in a variety of materials for either light or heavy duty use and shelters can be ordered with rigid or soft frame structures.

Whether you are in need of loading dock seal replacement or shelter repair, your one stop solution is only a phone call away!

Dock Door Seal & Shelter Maintenance Services 

In addition to our dock leveler and plate maintenance programs, we can also provide these services for your dock’s door seals and shelters. We will make sure that these important components are performing as they should, as well as not experiencing any excessive wear. Preventive maintenance on your loading dock seals and shelters can help avoid small problems from turning into larger ones and guard against any down time due to equipment failures.

How Can We Help You?

When it comes to loading dock seal replacement, dock shelter repair, or maintenance, you can count on the highly experienced team at Gem Dock & Door to be there ready to help. Our expert staff has decades of industry knowledge and can keep your loading dock operating at top performance. Contact us today to learn more about why Gem Dock & Door has become the trusted partner for so many loading dock operators.