Fire Door Inspection & Installation

Fire Door Inspection and Fire Rated Doors

At Gem Dock & Door we specialize in fire door inspection and installation in and around Bensenville, Illinois. We understand the importance of having commercial fire rated doors, and the inspection services we provide are thorough. If you need someone with fire door experience and expertise, look no further then Gem Dock & Door.

Our Fire Door Inspection

All fire doors must be rated for various requirements, including smoke seals, door hardware, and the frame that holds the door in place. Fire safety door edges must also meet the required standards, and the use of the correct seal is crucial to the rating performance.

Fire door inspections and proper fire door maintenance are vital to ensuring that your doors are safe and secure. At Gem Dock & Door we are certified by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), and all our inspections are carried out in compliance with NFPS-80 standard for fire doors.

Our fire door inspections include evaluating:

  • Commercial rated fire doors
  • Fire rated garage doors
  • Rolling and sliding fire doors

Once your door passes the inspection, we issue fire rated door certification labels complete with the signature of the technician. We provide annual testing to ensure your fire doors comply with all requirements.


Fire Door Inspection - Commercial Fire Rated Door


Commercial & Garage Fire Door Installation

We will also provide commercial and garage fire door installation at your premises. Our technicians will visit your property and determine the correct fire door that should be fitted in the building. If you need your fire door replaced, we may be able to replace it while keeping the frame intact.

At Gem Dock & Door we do everything from fire door inspection, repair, replacement, and installation. Our team of workers will also provide fire door signs, and fire rated door labels. As well as those services, our fire door inspection service is the best in the area.

For all your fire door requirements, from annual inspections to repair and replacement, call us on (847) 807-4301 or email us today for a  free estimate

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