How Truck Restraints and Dock Locks Play a Critical Role in the Safety of Employees


Truck Restraints & Dock Lock Safety

It is far too common for workplace accidents to cause serious injury or death. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the latest statistics show that in 2019, there were just under 869 preventable work fatalities in transportation and warehousing jobs. That is the second highest amount of any industry, with construction being the first.

With nearly 25% of all warehouse accidents taking place at the loading dock, along with hundreds of other close calls, it is vital that companies take safety precautions to protect their employees, products, and processes.

Update your facilities before an accident occurs by integrating truck restraints like a secure dock lock system from your professional safety partner, Gem Dock & Door.

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What are Truck Restraints?

Truck restraints (also known as trailer restraints) are used to secure your trailer when the truck arrives at the loading dock. The restraint is primarily a safety mechanism to prevent accidental detachment, particularly when employees are loading or unloading freight from the trailer.  

Employees need to be able to safely navigate between the dock platform and trailer bed, often with forklifts. Truck restraints allow for safe operation on both surfaces by keeping a secure, connected distance. The use of restraints also avoids common accidents like trailer creep, where a trailer separates from the dock. When this occurs, employees are susceptible to falls, especially as loads are quickly transported to and from the trailer.

Additionally, the use of truck restraints adds a layer of security for unwanted entry into the warehouse or trailer when trucks remain attached to the dock while not in use.


Selecting Dock Lock Truck Restraints

Each specific loading dock should have a truck restraint called a “dock lock.”

You can choose from either manual or power active dock lock models for your facilities. While there are many brands and manufacturers of these items, it’s best to select high-quality products to keep employees safe and accidents to a minimum.

Gem Dock & Door only provides first-class dock lock truck restraints. We are a premier dealer of NOVA Lock & Load ™ hook-style vehicle restraints. By mounting the system on the loading dock platform wall, the rear impact guard (RIG) of the trailer can be securely attached with the rotating hook to prevent departing early or the aforementioned trailer creep.


Why Lock & Load?

Performance is the key factor when it comes to truck restraints, and the Lock & Load dock lock outmatches its competition.

The product provides the following features, benefits, and more:

  • Element protection with watertight connectors and zinc plating that resist corrosion.
  • Spring-loaded housing with automatic adjustments to trailer float.
  • Sleek carriage design to reduce collision risk.
  • Roller slope extension to avoid marking the dock.
  • Electricity that only cycles during engage and disengage with the hook.
  • Rotating hook remains engaged to RIG, regardless of power.
  • Three-second operation to complete the full restrain, release cycle with the gear motor.

Lock & Load systems provide top-of-the-line operational, structural, and electrical measures, a comprehensive communication system, and numerous optional features that can be added on.


Maintaining Your Truck Restraints and Dock Locks

Like any product, even the toughest dock lock systems eventually become worn with use. Employee safety is reliant upon your truck restraints continuing to fully function. If your dock locks aren’t working properly and require maintenance or repair, the truck restraint experts at Gem Dock & Door can get your safety mechanisms returned to proper working order.

Eventually, your dock locks may have served their useful life. Our team can work with you to select new systems for your loading docks. We are also available when you need us with experienced service technicians standing by 24/7 for emergency services.  

Your Partner for Truck Restraint and Dock Lock Safety

With more than 30 years of experience providing quality dock and door services, Gem Dock & Door knows what tools you need to keep employees safe from workplace accidents. Secure your loading docks with systems that are useful and affordable. Learn more about our services for truck restraints and dock lock systems and talk with us about your unique warehousing specifications.

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