Top 5 Garage Door Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Keeping your home safe from intruders or burglars is important for every resident. Homeowners may often think of the front door, a first-floor window, or the back door as main places that should be safeguarded. While you should take precautions throughout your home, garage door security is just as important.

Creating a security plan for your garage is easy if you know what to do.

The experts at Gem Dock & Door have made a list of five great ways you can secure and lock your garage door to keep your home safe.

  1. Keep your garage door locked and closed

It may seem simple, but keeping your garage door closed and locked is the best way to avoid theft or damage. Whenever you leave or come home, make sure to close your door immediately after you enter or exit. You should also keep it closed as much as possible while at home, especially if you’re inside and can’t monitor your garage.

  1. Invest in security devices

There are a number of ways to heighten the security on your garage door, including modern technology that offers convenience.

How to secure your garage door:

  • Purchase a smart garage door controller. If you’ve ever felt anxious, wondering whether or not you remembered to close the garage door after you’ve left, this is the perfect device for you. Many smart garage door controllers are Wi-Fi enabled. You can control your door from a smart device, such as a phone or tablet, and receive alerts when your door is opened or closed. Some controllers even allow companies like Amazon to be keyed in for secure delivery of packages.
  • Consider motion activated sensors or security cameras. Either of these options can provide yet another layer of garage door security. With motion activated sensors, you can configure your external or internal lights to turn on, which could startle a potential intruder or at the very least, make them more visible. Pair this with security cameras to capture video of anyone trying to break in. Modern security camera technology is activated by motion and can usually be controlled by your smart devices.
  1. Invest in additional locking devices

Adding another locking mechanism to your garage door is an option to consider.

How to lock your garage door:

  • Install a garage door lock. Garage doors that have manual handles can be better secured with locking handles. This kind of door lock requires a key to open. Garage door sliding locks are also available for sectional garage doors that don’t have an operator.  
  • Keep your interior door locked. Homeowners often forget that even if a burglar is able to enter your garage, your interior door leading to your house offers another layer of security. Even if you only follow one of our tips, keeping your interior door locked is one of the best ways to keep intruders out of your home.
  1. Block garage door windows

Not all garage doors have exposed windows, but some do. While windows may add to the aesthetic of your home, they also provide a viewing portal for others to see what is inside your garage. Consider blocking your windows with fog or film substances.

  1. Remove openers from your car and valuables from your garage

Garages can be used for many different purposes and numerous vehicles often need to be parked at one home. If you need to park outside of your garage, make sure to remove the garage door opener from the car, in case of a break-in.

The garage is also a common place to keep items you’ll use around your house such as tools, woodworking equipment, miscellaneous parts, and more. It’s best to try and keep anything valuable inside of your home, just in case you forget to keep your door closed or if someone is able to intrude.

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