Warehouse Safety Tips

Companies around the world strive to remain efficient and one of the worst ways to break efficiency is through workplace accidents. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that warehouses in particular are continuing to see a large number of injuries and fatalities, each year. The data shows that the number of deaths is increasing, with approximately 15 more workers dying on average in 2018, compared to the total number of deaths in 2015.

Incorporating various warehouse safety tips will not only keep your business running efficiently, but it will also save lives.

Instill Proper Procedures for Warehouse Safety

Some of the most common warehouse accidents occur because procedures weren’t followed, but they also happen because the right procedures weren’t put in place to begin with. Plan for unexpected space issues and potentially dangerous situations. While you should focus on streamlining processes, it's more important to accomplish tasks safely.

Forklift accidents are among the most frequent. In order to operate safely, all forklift operators should be required to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) forklift safety protocols. Any workers in close proximity to forklifts need to take extra precautions. If you have a loading dock, then ensure your dock lock system is in good operating order. Employees must wear proper safety equipment and clothing, including hard hats and other items, depending on what types of equipment they work with. Workers also need proper training to operate machinery and should use equipment for any heavy lifting, in order to avoid injury. Combining proper operating procedures with risk assessments and additional safety measures will greatly reduce the risk of accidents.   

Provide Awareness Training for All Employees

Warehouses, loading docks and commercial facilities are inherently dangerous because of the constant movement of items and people. It’s vital that employees have the skills to avoid accidents and potential safety hazards.  

Take workplace training a step further with consistent retraining and daily requirements to implement the education. All employees should be aware of their surroundings whenever and wherever they are working.

Loading Dock SafetyCreate A Safer Work Environment 

Loading dock safety and warehouse safety starts and stops with the business. It’s crucial that hazardous areas (including any areas with hazardous materials) are clearly marked as such. Use warehouse safety signs to let workers know where dangerous areas are and clearly list restrictions. You should also provide a clear understanding of procedures to follow if an accident occurs.


Warehouse Safety Signs:

  • Danger zones and high-risk places.
  • Speed limits for forklifts.
  • Shelving weight limits and other storage area space restrictions.
  • Chemical hazards and proper mitigation efforts in case of spills.
  • How to report a safety hazard.
  • Instructions for first-aid and CPR.
  • Emergency contact and production shutdown information.

Keeping work areas clean is one of the most important warehouse safety tips companies need to remember. Making sure the warehouse floor is clear of debris will go a long way toward avoiding accidents. Because of the potential for noxious gases that can be harmful or even deadly if inhaled, proper ventilation and air flow is also necessary for facilities. Finally, proper warehouse and facility maintenance is a vital part of staying safe. Work with experts who can provide inspection, maintenance and upgrades at your facility.


Warehouse, Commercial Facility and Loading Dock Safety Experts

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