Why You Should Have a Garage Man Door

Considering garage man doors for your facility? The installation of a garage man door near the busy side of a warehouse or at a commercial office location can be beneficial in a wide variety of ways.

Garage man doors offer convenience and can save you time and money in the long run. They are also the perfect exit for an emergency egress in case of a fire or other catastrophe.

Gem Dock & Door can provide you with new garage man doors and will make repairs or additions, including sealing and locksmith services.

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What are Garage Man Doors?

Garage man doors (also known as wicket doors or pass-through doors) are smaller-sized commercial doors that are attached near a garage door, the front, side or rear of a building, or as a part of a larger door.

They allow for easy entry and exit without the need to continuously open and close larger doors, which can be inefficient and increase wear and tear. Garage man doors provide practicality and they are secure solutions.


What Types of Garage Man Doors are Available?

An extensive selection of garage man door styles, sizes, and materials can fit the needs of your facility, operations, and budget:

  • Steel doors provide a high level of safety and security. They are also extremely durable and can withstand extended use.
  • Aluminum or fiberglass doors both require relatively low maintenance and are sturdy, as well as relatively light weight.
  • Wood doors are less common in commercial settings but are found when there are internal wicket door needs from one garage or warehouse section to another. They may be shaped with wood veneer or other lumber products.
  • Glass doors can be fully composed of safety glass and a frame. Glass is also combined in many steel, aluminum, and fiberglass options.

Gem Dock & Door can install or repair your garage man doors, including wicket doors that are included within commercial roll-up doors, overhead doors, and other garage doors that are built for high performance and fire safety.


Benefits of Garage Man Doors

The ability to enter and exit is more efficient with a garage man door available to your staff.  Benefits of having garage man doors includes:

  • Making it easier to access the interior and exterior of your facilities when you don’t need to open the garage door.
  • Reducing the amount of use on your garage door, as replacing mechanical or electrical components can be expensive.
  • Cutting down on energy use to open and close a garage door.
  • Removing the need to keep a garage door open for an extended period of time which can attract unwanted entry.
  • Providing an emergency egress at core areas for evacuation and in case of power failure.

Garage man doors that are well taken care of can last for many years. The team at Gem Dock & Door can assist you with garage man doors that are in proper working order by providing:

  • Repairs
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Re-keying and master key creation
  • Sealing
  • Doors with priming or custom painting  

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Garage Man Door Solutions and Services

With over 30 years of experience as door and dock specialists, our technicians have the knowledge and resources to repair, replace, or maintain your garage man doors.

Gem Dock & Door supplies the tools and expertise to provide necessary services and we can offer garage man door solutions for any facility. We are available 24/7/365 for emergencies and our team is fully certified by the American Door Institute (ADI), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and OSHA.

Contact us today to receive new garage man doors or to fix those that are malfunctioning and receive your free estimate.